What to bring

Bike- CHECK!

Helmet – CHECK!

Phone – CHECK!

What else do I need?

What should I bring?

At a minimum you will need:


Highly recommended items include:

-Bicycle Lock – at least one per team.  Some bonuses may require you to leave your bike unattended.
-A Smartphone with Instagram app for iOs / Android (It’s FREE) and a QR reader app for  iOs / Android (also FREE)
-Spare tube
-Sense of humour

What should I ride?

Any bicycle, tricycle or unicycle is acceptable.  Road bike, MTB, CX, BMX, Tandem, Trike or Unicycle.

Why I need a smartphone?

As well as the STAGES you can ride during the Tour, there will be a long list of TIME BONUSES to collect.


There may also be some of THESE floating around.


Scan them to see where they will take you.