The Rules

Get as many time bonuses between stages and you could be wearing the Yellow, Green or Polka Dot jerseys.

Accumulate your bonuses on instagram using the #tourdemelburn tag.

The Rules

As the tour stages wind around around the city, riders will be rewarded for taking detours, doing activities, and collecting memories from the day.   Bonuses are awarded based on the complexity and length of time taken to score them – the most bonuses wins bragging rights in the category of Yellow, Green and Polka Dot.

– Teams may consist of two people only

– To validate each task you must take a photo and post it on instagram

– Each photo must include your teammate, the event totem and the #tourdemelburn tag

– Submit your SCORECARD by 4.30pm at the finish for your teams chance to win!

Much like the Tour de France there is great temptation to cheat.   Doping checks will be in place!

The Grandest Prize of the day will be awarded by raffle to any team that makes it to the finish!