Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Can I register for a friend?

Where does it start?

Registration Questions

How do I register?

1 ) In person at the Early Bird Registration  // Saturday 8 October, 2016.  9am – 12pm

Coffee Supreme HQ | 28 Grosvenor St, Abbotsford.
Full details here.

2) Online  // Available here on Monday 10 October @ 9am.

What’s the difference between Early Bird and Online registration?

Early Bird’s get their team ticket on the day, discounted entry, and a special little boost that will be very handy on event day.

Can I register for a friend?

Yes!  For both in person and online you will need their First & Surname, Email and Instagram account name.

Early Bird Registration forms can be downloaded here. PDF / DOC / ODT

Can I register just for one person?

No.  This event is for teams of two.  Find a friend and partner up!

What if I don’t have an instagram account?

You’ll need one to participate. Please sign up for a free account  iOS  Android

Why won’t it let me register online?

It may be because it’s sold out or registration hasn’t opened (10 October).

Are the tickets electronic?

Nope. You’ll get an actual paper ticket to present on the day to ride. This makes the check-in process on the day a breeze.

What if I lose my ticket?

Please don’t. Put it in a secure place until event day. 

No ticket – No Rider Pack.

No ticket – No Rider Pack.

No ticket – No Rider Pack. No exceptions.

Participation Questions

How do I participate in the Tour de Melburn?

On event day you’ll be provided with a Rider Pack to equip you with everything you need to have a good time. Follow the stages on the map, collect GOOD TIME BONUSES and meet everyone at the finish  for the prize ceremony.

I can’t see images on the @tourdemelburn instagram feed?

Only registered riders can.  If you FOLLOW the account and have registered you will be allowed access to event content and updates.

Where does it start?

The start location will be at a secret location (within 5km of the finish location) disclosed to registered riders prior to event day.

How do I collect my teams rider pack?

At the start location there will be a marquee set up; You will need to present your tickets in exchange for the Rider Packs. Once you have your Rider Pack you may begin your adventure.

What’s in the rider pack?

Your Rider Pack is a ‘musette’ (bag) containing; another musette for your teammate, a map, a team scorecard, a pen to write with, a magnifying glass, and event spoke cards.

How long is the Tour De Melburn ride?

As long or short as you want it to be. You have until 4:30pm to get to the finish to submit your scorecard.

What happens if I don’t complete all the stages?

Completing all stages of the course is not compulsory. You will still be eligible for the Grand Prize if you don’t complete all of the checkpoints. The Grand Prize is a raffle for any team who submits their scorecard at this finish by 4.30pm. You must be present at the prize ceremony to collect any prize.

Prize Categories

Grand Prize : Raffled to any team who has submitted their scorecard.

Points Prize:  Yellow Jerseys / Green Jerseys / Polka Dot Jerseys

Dynamic Duo:  Awarded to the coolest team.

Am I insured during the ride?

Yes. Cycling Victoria provides insurance to registered riders for personal injury and public liability.

What if I get a flat tyre?

This is a self supported ride. If you can’t fix it yourself ask a fellow rider to come to your aid.

What if I get lost?

Phone a friend, stop and ask for directions, or call your Mum. Use your smart phone.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Ticket Questions

Can I transfer my ticket?

No. Tickets are non transferable.  Pick your teammate wisely.

Can my friend ride if they haven’t registered?

They can ride, but they can’t participate.  They’d be the third wheel – and no one wants to be that.

I’ve just realised I have something else on that day. Can I get a refund?

No.  Please consider your calendar before registering.

I’ve already booked my flight and a hotel. How do I make sure I get a ticket to ride?

FYXO will allocate entries for anyone from interstate, overseas or outer space that is coming to town to ride for the first two days of online registration. We ask you to first try to order online as normal. If online registration is sold out, email us and we’ll ensure you get a spot. Please email: tdm(at)

Can anyone ride?

You must registered and at least 18 years of age (unless accompanied by your legal guardian).

Road Rules.

These are always in effect.

If you need a refresher on how the rules apply to bicycles, view them here.

Make friends on the day with all road users.  Cars, other cyclists, pedestrians and dogs.

Still have a question?  Please email us at tdm(at)