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The dopest ride of 2016

10am – 5pm

Sunday 4 December

Admission opens 10am – 11am

START – Brunswick Velodrome

FINISH – Brunswick Velodrome

Where does it start?

Jones Park, Brunswick


When does Admission open on the day?

Event Day Admission opens at 10am and closes at 11am.

How do I get there?

By bike is best!

For those unfamiliar with Melburn, if you depart from Fed Square it will take ~30 minutes at a casual pace. Here’s the route.

Car Parking

There is less than zero parking at the Velodrome, or on Harrison st.  If you want to drive to the start area, please park at least 1km from the Velodrome to reduce an already congested area.

PLEASE – Do not park in any of the streets adjacent to the start/finish location.

PLEASE – Do not park in any of the streets adjacent to the start/finish location.

PLEASE – Do not park in any of the streets adjacent to the start/finish location.

How to collect my TEAM RIDER PACK at the start location?

Queue up and show your ticket at the admission point to collect your rider pack.

When does the ride start?

You may start riding anytime after you have received your rider pack from the admission point.

Where is my ticket?

Your physical ticket was sent via registered post to the address supplied when ordered.  It also has your battery booster.

What does my ticket look like?

It looks like this and must be presented on the day to collect your rider pack.

Bring on Dec 4 #tourdemelburn #fyxo #teambanjokazooie

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You must present your ticket on the day to ride.  No exceptions.

You must present your ticket on the day to ride!  No exceptions.

I can no longer ride on the day. Can I transfer my ticket?

No.  Tickets are non-transferable or refundable.  Please refer to the same terms and conditions when your purchased your ticket.

Are there any tickets still available?


Can I buy tickets on the day?

No.  No tickets will be available for purchase on the day.


How long is TOUR de MELBURN?

If you manage the near impossible task of collecting every single possible GOOD TIME BONUS you may travel around 50km or more.   A more likely distance travelled is 30-40km.

You have until 4.15pm to get to the finish at Brunswick Velodrome to SUBMIT your team score card into the prize raffle.


Your goal is to collect as many GOOD TIME BONUSES as possible.

There will be a token award for the teams with the most points, but EVERY team in the raffle is a contender to win the GRAND PRIZE.

In your rider pack you will find a map with instructions, a list of GOOD TIME BONUSES, a pen, a instagram totem, a sweet treat and a magnifying card for those hard to find places.

  • Pick which bonus you want from the list.
  • Find it on the map and ride there!
  • Take a photo of it (with the instagram totem in the shot).
  • Post it on a team members Instagram account.
  • Tag it #tourdemelburn ( see example below)


With the exception of DONATING BLOOD you may only score each bonus ONCE.

PROTIP! You might choose to collect some or all bonuses before posting them on Instagram. If you use the LAYOUT app you can squeeze 9 photos into a single Instagram post.

  • TALLY your points at the finish.
  • WRITE your score and team details on the card.
  • SUBMIT your score to the event staff at the raffle barrel for validation and to go into the prize draw.

Make sure your SCORE CARD is in the raffle barrel before 4.15pm – Prize ceremony starts at 4.30pm sharp!

How long do I have to complete the course?

Registration opens at 10am and you have until 4.15pm to return to the FINISH for the prize ceremony.  That’s 5-6 hours of GOOD TIMES, to get lost, find yourself, stop for coffee, make new bike friends and make it to the end.

Prizes to be won:

Teams with the most points will have one final contest before the crowd to win a pair of General Classification, Points Classification and Mountains Classification t-shirts.


Plucked from the raffle barrel – the winning team will win a prize for adventure from FYXO valued at $600.

Most ‘Combative’ Costume 

Best looking pair as voted by the crowd from a group of selected finalists.

 Other prizes to win in the raffle:

The TAC are giving away a prize valued at $500 for a lucky team.


What should I bring?

Your bike, phone, battery booster and helmet at a minimum.

It might help to bring:

  • A bicycle lock!
  • Cash other monetary instruments (no card facility at finish)
  • Water bottle to quench thirst mid ride.
  • Basic tools, pump, bike lock and spare tube(s).

What happens if its bad weather?

It’s Melburn.  Four Seasons in one day is possible.

The ride will go ahead regardless of the weather.

What should I do if I get a flat tyre?

This is a self supported ride.

If you can’t fix it yourself ask a fellow rider to come to your aid.  Repay them in kind with a beverage at the finish!

What should I ride?

You can ride any bicycle you like.

Bicycle, Tricycle, Unicycle or Tandem. New or old. Bring the bling or a beater. Fixed or geared. Big wheels or small. Fat tyres or skinny. Suspension or rigid. Absolutely anything is acceptable.

For the safety of yourself and others it is recommend you have at least one hand brake and the bike is in good working order.

What if I get lost?

Use your phone and ask for directions to guide you back to Brunswick Velodrome or stop and ask for directions.

Road safety.

Some tips for making it back to the finish safe and sound:

  • Give way to all road users.
  • Make friends, not enemies.
  • Make eye contact with drivers. Wave, smile, point!
  • Indicate your intention long before you make a move.
  • Use your lights to increase your visibility on the road.
  • Never forget to wear your helmet.
  • Choose the safest route – and make it the most fun.
  • Don’t be a dick.

We hope you are ready for a great day in the saddle touring Melburn.

Roberts Reserve (Brunswick Velodrome)

The Brunswick Velodrome has been freshly resurfaced, with new grandstands, lighting and fencing. Though works were due to be completed in October, this foul winter has pushed that back and the final works may not be completed before event day.

The infield is unfit for use so we’ll be setting up the finish line festivities in Roberts Reserve, the green space north of the velodrome.

At the FINISH:

FYXO will have commemorative Tour De Melburn event caps for sale.

Temple Brewing will be serving cold Bicycle Beer.

Bean to Melbourne will be serving Coffee Supreme coffee, and sweet treats.

Brunswick Cycling Club will have a sausage sizzle with a gold coin donation – all proceeds going to the Junior Track Progam.   Sweets and soft drinks will be available from the canteen.

The Photo Booth will be there to capture your team. Download your teams portrait on the site post event (for free).

First Aid should it be required will be provided by St John’s Ambulance at the velodrome from 2pm.

Toilets for #1s and 2s are available at the finish.

Still have a question?

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