2016 TOUR de MELBURN Event Report


Melburn was on show at the inaugural TOUR de MELBURN and it shone brightly.  Teams of 2 scoured the city for sights, delights, tasks and twists.   Just when you think you know this city, it surprises you with hidden gems, evolving landscapes and delightful places to treat yourself.

Teams departed at 10am and after establishing their bearings, planned routes and headed out in search of good times.


6 hours later, and with a phone full of fun moments the top scoring teams met on the Chumps-De-Leesay for a final team time trial.



A slew of highlights from the thousands of photos from the day are below, in no particular order of awesome.

If you’ve got an hour to wade them them all you can enjoy them here.


If there was anything to be learned from this first edition of the Tour it is that donating blood to Red Cross Australia gives you a huge boost on the day in terms of points, a huge feeling of satisfaction for helping save 3 lives, and the best biscuit ever in return.

For those that missed the gripping finale of the TEAM TIME-TRIAL, here’s a recap in moving pictures.


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Thanks Richmond D shift #tourdemelburn

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Some action from yesterday. #tourdemelburn #teamjayley

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#46 Playing pool baby, the money shot! #tourdemelburn #teamjc @ash1tom

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Burnley rock climbing wall #tourdemelburn

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More TdM… #poweredbypotato #itsgotafoxonit #westendgirlsride #tourdemelburn

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If you switched your #strava on for the Tour then you’d be one of many in this great fly-over loop.  Great to see the routes team chose, and how far some travelled to and from the start.



More snaps of the epic finale by Peter Bongiorno.


Thank you(s).

Tour riders.  For bravely enrolling for a day of laughs in the saddle without knowing exactly how it was going to roll.   We hope you discovered a part of the city new to you, made friends, had laughs and most of all – GOOD TIMES.

We hope to see you next for more even more.

Our sponsors – The TAC did a great job of supporting the event, making teams PUMP up a sweat, and reminding teams to look out for each other, as well as providing much needed shade with sunscreen and sunglasses.

Scott Bikes generously donated the bikes for the TEAM TIME-TRIAL bikes which were professionally tuned for their task.


Post race, all three were taken home by three very excited kids in the audience.  Thanks to everyone for getting into the spirit.


The team with the MOST COMBATIVE COSTUME also took home Scott apparel to the tune of $500 and yes – it went to the JAWS bike.

About the build #tourdemelburn

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The Tour de Melburn was also supported by Madman Entertainment and the Brunswick Cycling Club.  Can’t wait for 2017 to roll around and we can use the freshly refurbished Velodrome!

A big thanks also goes to the Team FYXO for all their hard turns on the front.


Where do I get the awesome TOUR de MELBURN cap?

Right here.

What about next year?!

Be sure to join our EVENTS mailing list for updates on future events.


What a colourful peloton.  Can you find yourself in the bunch?

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